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Simple Home Décor Tips to Make Any Home Look Nice

Home décor can drastically transform any home into very beautiful and inspiring living spaces. Based on various variables, creative designers can imagine and bring to life very unique and beautiful ideas for the home based on their intuition and the knack for getting everything right. While achieving the right kind of home décor is a creative effort, there are certain basic rules that you can follow in order to get it right most of the time when it comes to achieving the right kind of décor.

There are certain décor ideas that will require professional skills and implementation. But there are also tricks as well as skills that even you can master in order to transform your home interior into something truly marvelous. Here are some of the basic tips so you can realize some quirky interesting look in your home:

Choose the paint color last

Good interior decoration practices can transform your house into a beautiful home. And with colors, you can do marvelous things. There are several kinds of approaches when it comes to performing interior home decorations. Some homeowners would like to choose colors before they move in but you could as well simply do it after you have moved into the house. Once you have put your stuff inside the house, you can proceed to pick the colors that will best complement the home decor accessories and whatever else you are planning to bring into the house.

Create some breathing room for the furniture pieces

It is important to resist overcrowding in the room as much as possible. In the modern interior décor trends and ecosystem, people want more open spaces when it comes to the layout of the interior décor. So it is important to work towards realizing that by making the rooms as breathable as possible.

It also makes economic sense. When you are working on tight budgets, you will likely save more money by leaving more spaces for breathability instead of stuffing furniture all over the place. Interior designers will always advise that you spend your cash on very few but top quality and elegant furniture pieces that add a luxuriant and beautiful look and aspect to your home. So instead of buying too many flea market finds, it is important to consider investing in a few but excellent quality home décor accessories such as the designer lamps Australia and designer lighting Australia pieces.

Ensuring the artwork is at the right height

Do not underestimate the impact of artwork on the look of your house interior. It is important that the artwork be hung 57-60 inches from the floor. The average human eye level is 57 inches. When it comes to hanging artwork in your rooms, it is important that this is based on the human scale and not the scale of the room or structure in which the artwork will be hung.

How do you arrange furniture on a rug?

Well, this might seem quite obvious but not everyone gets it right. There are three main in ways in which you can go through this. In the first instance, the rug could be so big that it accommodates all the furniture pieces. This often creates a luxurious feel in the home. If the house is too small, you can choose a smaller rug that will sit at the center and lets the occupants keep their legs off the rug.  In the third format, only the front feet of the seating touches the rug so as to create a luxurious feel and well defined spaces in the living room.

Don’t be too theme-y

There is always the temptation to be a little theme-y such as going vintage, retro and many other home décor themes but it is important to be as practical as possible. But being theme-y always denies you the sense of individuality and originality. The sense of intuition is always a better option than working with themes.

Adding layers of lighting

This is another popular home décor idea that you can use to create interest, variety and intrigue in the home. A room where everything is evenly lit can be a little boring. By installing various lighting fixtures such as the designer lamps Australia and designer lighting Australia pieces, it is possible to create a really dramatic effect with your lighting. You can select focal points and then highlight these focal points.